Paintings/ From here (1)

  From Here/3, acrylic on paper, 13 x 21 cm

From Here/6, acrylic on paper, 13 x 21 cm

From Here/4, acrylic on paper, 15 x 28 cm

From Here/5, acrylic on paper, 13 x 34 cm

From Here/10, acrylic on paper, 12 x 19 cm

We’re all of us under the same sky/1&2, acrylic on paper (unique monotypes), 15 x 20 cm

From my daughter’s window, ink on paper (unique monotype), 10 x 15 cm

‘The courses of streams that marked this section of the Border were often diverted, dykes ploughed up in the night, lines erased, land approporated. It takes a surveyor to referee such disputes, to compromise, to mark a boundary so esoterically with little or no thought to topography. Only a surveyor could create such sharp angles, draw such straight and unexpected lines across the hills.’
– James Macdonald Lockart, Raptor, A Journey Through Birds (4th ESTATE, 2016) p.152