The Peregrine

November 12th, unique monotype,
ink and acrylic on paper, 10.5 x 15 cm

Produced over a year-long residency, this series of works takes as its starting point ‘The Peregrine’ by J.A. Baker (published 1967). Over a single winter (October to April), 'The Peregrine' tracks two pairs of peregrines across coastal Essex at a time when the author feared for their survival as a species. The monotypes imagine these 400 miles of tidal coast: edges of the world where land and water meet, which although only 50 miles from London, is made to seem uninhabited and remote. The series comprises 86 unique monotypes, one for each diary entry.

‘Evanescent as flame, peregrines sear across the cold sky and are gone, leaving no sign in the blue haze above.’ (October 7th)
– J.A Baker, The Peregrine, The New York review of Books, (1967) 2005, p.4